Thursday, August 21, 2014

We All Have a Condition

The recall notice from GM says, "Your vehicle has a condition in which the transmission cable may fracture.  When the fracture occurs,. . ."  followed by possible dire outcomes.

Now the thing that got my attention was that the letter says, "When. . .".  It does not say "if."  Seems to be a strong element of certainty there, right?  Then they tell me "PARTS ARE NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.  When parts become available. . ."

No certainty there, is there?  The parts will, at some unspecified and uncertain time magically "become available"?

Image result for 2007 g6 gtI have another recall letter regarding an entirely different issue on the same vehicle, same story.  I received it two months ago.  Haven't heard anything further on that one, either.

Just for smiles, imagine, if you will, all the millions of vehicles which have "a condition" encountering the "when" simultaneously all over this land.


Jim Grey said...

Don't feel bad. My Toyota has had a recall open for a year, awaiting parts availability, for an airbag fault that could cause it to explode in a crash.

vanilla said...

Jim, I am just reflecting back on the day before the gummint took such good care of us. Stuff happened, we picked up the pieces and moved on. If we survived.

May your airbag issue be resolved soon.