Friday, July 25, 2014

Love in the Second-degree

Her parents died, first her mother, then two years later, her father.  Shortly after Father passed, she came home from a three-day visit with her sister, only to find her husband's personal items gone, he nowhere to be found.  But he did leave a note, "I want the divorce."

A few days, she tracked him down and confronted him.  "Thirty-two years of marriage and three children, and now this. Why?"

His response?  "I loved your parents so much that I married you.  Now that they are gone, there is no reason for us to stay together."

btw, true story, pretty much.


Grace said...

Not so strange really. I know of a similar situation - happened to the same person twice.Person was looking for a family not a wife. Wife wanted a husband. Wife decided she didn't want to be part of a package deal, she left. Person missed her family more than he missed her.

Secondary Roads said...

. . . for all the wrong reasons.

vanilla said...

Grace, I guess there are stranger things than I have imagined; and there is no accounting for some people's choices.

Chuck, could not have been any worse reasons.