Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Customer Service

Very colorful item, eye-catching, one might say. 50-foot hose, accordions to 32 inches!  The old kinky hose needs replacement anyway.

Bought the thing, took it home.  Unpacked, hooked it up, and before I could actually spray my flowers, the fitting on the male end popped right out of the hose.  I'm not big on repairing new products before I can use them.  Back to the store.

"What's wrong with it?"

"The fitting popped out the end of the hose."

The lady pulls the package open, grabs the fitting in one hand, hose in the other, and, as I told her, it slipped right out.  She jammed it back in, closed the packaging.  As she is getting my refund cash from the register, I hear her, almost muttering, "There is nothing wrong with it."

"Okay," I said, "put me down as dissatisfied customer."

"All I care about is that it is okay.  I can sell it to somebody else."
There you go, I think.  Create another dissatisfied customer.  I took my money without giving her the well-deserved ethics lesson, for after all, I just wanted my money back.


Lin said...

Problem solved! least for her. Now she won't have to write it up in the loss log and package it for return to home office.

L A Z Y is key in today's work force. It's amazing what people do to get out of work.

vanilla said...

Lin, disturbing as it is, the up-side for me is that my problem was solved, too.

What is wrong with people?

Secondary Roads said...

Reckon how long does she expect to stay in business?

vanilla said...

Chuck, might depend on how long corporate puts up with her; it is a chain store which typically does business in small Midwestern communities lacking a K- or Wal-.