Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

I came very close to failure to mark Earth Day.  Laundry (clean the clothes, put the phosphates in the water) vacuum and dust (burn some coal to power the cleaner) and other activities in support of my life style had kept me occupied.  But now having a moment to check the funnies... the last remaining bastion of truth in our day, I stumbled upon this, which reminded me that it is Earth Day!

Do good; stay clean; and don't kill any moat monsters, even if they are not endangered.


Secondary Roads said...

Spent time working in the gardens today. It seemed like a good way to observe the day. Of course, now I'm sore . . . and tired. Oh well.

vanilla said...

Chuck, think of the rewards! Physical fitness, pleased palate, satisfied tummy, eye candy. Yum, yum.