Tuesday, September 3, 2013


"Funny," Tildy said, "how some women can go to the finest boutiques, spend the greatest quantity of money for an outfit, then look like crap wearing it.  Others can go to Walmart, spend thirty bucks and look like a million dollars."

Yep.  One who has a sense of style will always look stylish, and she who has no such sense cannot buy it for any amount of money.

Still, it is beyond me why women of all sizes and shapes have to wear the latest "look" whether it looks good on them or not.


Lin said...

It's fun to wear new things, that's why.

Your best accessory is a smile. Corny as that may be...I get the most compliments on what I am wearing when I'm cracking up about something. People like happy people, plain and simple.

what's that song "you're never fully dressed without a smile...."

vanilla said...

Lin, okay; fun to wear new things, but isn't there a three-way mirror in the dressing room?

Remember the lines from the song by the Road Hammers: "Who is the girl wearin' nothin' but a smile and a towel In the picture on the billboard in a field near the big old highway."?