Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Season: TV Review

Herk walked down my driveway and watched my puttering with a little project for half-minute, then he said

Didja watch the new show, Blacklist?

I did.

Whatcha think? Pretty cool, huh?

Totally derivative.  The crook-aids-law-enforcement straight from White Collar;  blood and gore from any number of crime programs, just another in the list of shows that hope to see how far they can go, and how soon they can turn your stomach; kick-ass tough girl on the side of good from NCIS, NCIS -LA, SVU, and any number of other programs; spouse with a secret life, well you've seen it all before.  And James Spader played his role with the same arrogance with which he played a lawyer in Boston Legal.  Why not?  Lawyer, crook.

I see no compelling reason whatsoever to put the show on my watch-list.

Herk was already half-way home.


Secondary Roads said...

I frequently think I'd be better off to sever my relationship with that TV. But I do like to watch the NASCAR races, but why does the season last for 9 months?

vanilla said...

I dunno. We'd probably all be better off to sever that relationship. I know I'd save a bunch of money.

Lin said...

I'd love to pay a la carte for our TV watching because we hardly watch it anymore. There is nothing really worth turning on the tube for.

Grace said...

That show got lousy reviews so I thought I would catch it "On Demand" but it's not available. I didn't bother recording the first episode so I guess I'll never see it. But then there are so many shows I haven't seen...

vanilla said...

Lin, I suspect we could all save money ala carte, and probably would be more selective.

Grace, small loss, believe me. I suspect I've seen my last episode.