Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

String Too Short to Tie


 Yes, when He was on the cross, we were on His mind. Think of that!

 "And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom." -Mark 15:38

By the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we may enter into God's Holiness.

BBBH does this song.  It is my favorite number in her repertoire.  I think we have it on tape, but it has not been digitized.


Shelly said...

A wonderful song and a timeless, wonderful, eternal truth!

Grace said...

My favorite Easter hymn is "There is a green hill far away". I've just listened to many versions on youtube so I could post one for you but none of them sounded like the version we sang in the church I grew up in...I once worked in a Methodist church and they had never heard of the song but as the Pastor of that church said "Oh you Congregationalists - you are the singingest people" And that's true - we sang everything, all the time. I can't actually recite the Lord's Prayer but I can sing it, cause that what we always did!

vanilla said...

Shelly, it is all that, and more than we can know!

Grace, "There is a green hill far away, outside a city wall, where our dear Lord was crucified who died to save us all." A wonderful song. Though I know you don't celebrate this season, I am pleased to know that you enjoy the music; and I wish you blessings now and throughout the year!

Sharkbytes said...

I have no desire to return all church music to the past, but I do wish we could sing some of the familiar and wonderful songs on holidays.

vanilla said...

Shark, I like to think I am not hide-bound to tradition, but I do love the old hymns. I can deal with the newer songs, but why did they have to throw the organ and piano out of church? Oh, yes, I like guitars and drums, but better at a jam, not so much in church.