Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blog On Loan


I have been approached by vanilla, owner of the blog "String Too Short to Tie."  He has explained to me that for some inexplicable reason he has lost his Blogger Dashboard which makes posting and managing his blogs extremely difficult.  He has noticed that I have been posting but rarely recently and he wondered if I would allow him to co-opt my blog until such time as he figures out what to do with his.

I have agreed to this, so starting tomorrow, the content from STSTT will be published on "Bob Warr and Picket Fences."  I hope you enjoy reading the material presented here.

Until later.
Sincerely yours,
Bob Warr


Jim said...

Wheeeeeokay, I'm over here now. Ah, software, it's so delightful.

Vee said...

I thought my problems with Blogger started when I got a Mac, but now I wonder if it is the blogger dashboard acting up. At any rate, Bob Warr is bookmarked and I'm ready to read.

Grace said...

::Raising Hand and Waving:: I'm here...

vanilla said...

Jim, software must be delightful; provides you with eggs and bacon!

Vee, I get a kick out of TV programs which always portray computers as the be-all and end-all to everything, with never a glitch or a whimper. And the things are blazing fast, too. My experience contravenes all that.

Grace, you are marked "Present" and I'm glad you are here!