Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Higher Education, 2012

Breaking news:  Student completes requirements for bachelor's degree in, like twenty months, thereby gypping the school out of tuition money; university sues for reimbursement.

It's just business.

Look, it took me but a quarter less than six years to complete similar requirements, and the university didn't let my tuition slide during the extended terms.  Seems things average out, here.  In fact, there was a day in which students "overloaded" deliberately hoping to save a term's fees, and they were admired for their industry and perspicacity, while we "professional students" were snickered at.

 Could we go back and sue the short termers now, you know, retroactively?  Or is there a statute of limitations?


Vee said...

Even when completing in less time, a student still pays the high tuition fees for the hours required for the degree. This law suit serves to highlight the huge additional fees that are assessed. Maybe the university should also sue the students who do not live in dorms for board and room.

vanilla said...

Vee, what a great idea; and let's sue the ones that choose not to attend university. I mean, it's just business, you know. (Oh,there's precedent for that: taxing people for not buying something-- it's being done!)