Saturday, July 28, 2012


Turf painting spreads as drought ravages lawns.
It seems that homeowners and businesses whose pride has been hurt by the browning of their lawns are turning to the relatively expensive expedient of painting their lawns.  I saw this done one time at the baseball stadium in Minneapolis for opening day.  That I understood.

What these private property owners probably don't understand is that I am praying for rain.  I understand that the paint will not bleed, so there will be no greening of the sidewalks and gutters.  But I also understand that when the rain comes, the grass will grow again.

And zip-zap, in a couple of weeks, the mower will remove the painted blades, nature will provide the green, and the paint will be in a compost pile.  How clever is that?


Grace said...

But if it makes them happy and does no harm - what business is it of ours?

vanilla said...

Grace, I don't really object to it. A local entrepreneur saw a niche and jumped into it. He's doing quite well. So long as the drought lasts and so long as people are willing to pay to "green" the grass, I'm sure he'll continue to do well.