Monday, September 12, 2011


If I am to maintain this blog in the spirit in which it was conceived I will need to carry a pen and note pad with me at all times. I hear these outrageous comments by politicians, pundits and others on the toob and think, "Aha! That will go on BW'nPF." And yet by the time I sit down at the computer, I have forgotten the specific words.* Yes, I remember who said it and the gist of what was said, but if one cannot quote accurately, he can but misquote; and that is a form of misrepresentation that I won't engage in.

So I console myself with the knowledge that you probably heard it too, or something at least as foolish, for there is more than enough foolishness to go around.

A recent discussion, for example, centered around the question, "Recycle or Recovery?" It was about ideas, not aluminum cans.

*Just as I often think of something I want to google, can't remember what it was when at computer.


Lin said...

I'm like that with Itunes. I hear a song and think "Oh, I gotta put that on my ipod" and then I forget the song by the time I get to the computer. Ugh.

vanilla said...

Lin, I hate when that stuff happens!