Thursday, September 8, 2011

...and the Next President Is...

The campaign is officially underway. As though it hadn't been underway since the tally was taken at the last election.

To be a candidate, one must

  1. have chutzpah, and

  2. more chutzpah; and

  3. be good looking, and

  4. have lots of OPM; and

  5. have even more of OPM, and

  6. be totally unctious; and

  7. be completely self-absorbed and yet

  8. be able to convince voters that s/he cares about them.


Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grace said...

(Sorry about the delete - really bad spelling error. I could not let it stand)

I don't know what OPM is but you left out: brain dead, divorced from reality, self-righteous rectum, slimy, sleazy, amoral, dishonest,; a lying liar - Oh jeeze I could go on and on...It adds up to your basic sociopath - someone who is without empathy or a conscience

vanilla said...

Grace, OPM = other people's money. I have been known to "edit" using the same technique!

Secondary Roads said...

Why does it have to start so soon?

vanilla said...

Chuck, there oughta be a law! If I were to write it, it would go something like "No elected official shall launch a campaign for reelection prior to two months before the impending election; and no pretender to the office shall launch a campaign prior to that same time."