Tuesday, August 16, 2011


School starts today in the hometown. The state has decreed that "cursive writing" is no longer required to be taught in schools. I suppose that at some point in the past it was decreed that cuneiform would no longer be taught; and look where that got us.


Grace said...

I've read about this - perhaps we shouldn't bother to teach children to write at all - just give them a teeny tiny keyboard when they are two. After all haven't we stopped teaching them how to spell?

I also had to laugh because in college I studied Babylonian (aka Akkadian), which is written in cuneiform. So I learned to write it. One of the things we did was translate Hammarabi's Code - If a man = Summa awillum...And that's all I remember

vanilla said...

Grace, indeed penmanship and spelling are archaic skills. *growl* Some things should be done just because they should be done, imo. Wait until the power goes off!

You know a whole lot more about Akkadian than I do. ;-)