Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wherefore Art Thou, Ducky?

Bam!   Herk comes storming through his back door.  I can hear him growling before he reaches the edge of my yard.

"That woman!  My rubber duckies were not on the rim of the tub this morning.  I looked in the cabinets and drawers.  Nope.

"At breakfast I said, 'Tildy, do you know where my rubber duckies are?'

"'Yes,' she said.  'It is so silly for a grown man to keep rubber ducks in his tub.  I gave them to the neighbor kids.'

"Can you believe it?"  Herk fumed.  "I know it is silly to keep rubber duckies in my tub.  That's the point!"


Grace said...

Herk is so right! Tildy is so wrong! Rubber duckys rule! And you never, ever toss someine elses stuff without permission. Phooey on Tildy, I am so with Herk on this.

Grace said...

(Eh - pardon the typo 'someone' - typing on an iPad continues to frustrate me.)

vanilla said...

Grace, as difficult as keypads can be, why is it that kids not yet dry behind the ears seem to have no problems with them? Go figure. btw, Herk appreciates the support.1