Sunday, May 14, 2017

#Adulting --4

Still in II Peter 1:6
     ". . . giving all diligence, add to your faith goodness; and to goodness knowledge; And to knowledge self-control; and to self-control perseverance. . ."

"Adulting is sorta like doing what you have to do when you don't feel like it."  --JB


"x" the point at which faith crashes into the descent
of the emotional high.


Pastor drew a graph in which "feelings" are represented by a descending line while the growth of faith is indicated by the line along the bottom of the chart.  (His artwork much better than mine.)

The "x" represents the point at which a decision must be made:  Do I give up or go on?
Many settle; inadvertantly give up; the heart grows cold.

Something else is possible.  This is where perseverance starts, faith grows.  Bad things in our lives still happen but we continue to grow in faith and over time faith is off the chart!

God works in you.
Through perseverance our zeal and passion begin to ride on faith instead of riding on our feelings.

The ultimate gift we find in the midst of our faith:

In time your faith will be off the chart!

The joy of the Lord is your strength.
Our relationship with Christ is not based on everything going right, but on faith.   

Purpose to go on.

God's got this.  So you got this.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning 



Lin said...

I love Pastor Johnnie's talks.

vanilla said...

Lin, I am happy to post these notes. They are merely notes, though, and don't do justice to the delivery. i am glad you benefit from these talks.