Thursday, April 6, 2017

See You in the Funny Pages

I read a select though small catalog of comic strips in the daily paper.  I learned this from my father way back in the '40s when he told me, "The only things you can believe in the newspaper are the funnies."

Sadly, things have not improved in that regard.  I still rely on the comics.  A recent example in Scott Adams' "Dilbert."

Asok:  I can't tell  if you are wise or lazy.

Wally:  I know.  It took me years to find that sweet spot.


Lin said...

The funnies have always been my favorite part of the paper. They don't seem as funny it me? Or am I getting older and more selective in my humor?

vanilla said...

Lin, unfortunately a lot of the "funnies" today are not funny at all.