Sunday, April 23, 2017

#Adulting --1

Adulting:  Growing up is scary.  Growing up is important.

     Hebrews 5:12 We need to give up existing on milk alone but get into the strong meat (of the Word).  Growth in age gives wisdom and discernment.

It is important to take seriously the call of God to grow up in faith.
If you are the same person you were a year ago, there is no growth.

We are designed such that in our relationship with Jesus Christ we begin to look like him, to act like him.

Peter says we need to add to our faith.  We must be able to step into the role Christ intends for us.

              The scripture lesson is I Peter 1:3-11

We are to add to our faith goodness.   Purpose in your heart  to be like Jesus.  Take on the nature and characteristics of goodness.

When the Holy Spirit imparts a Jesus spirit within you you begin to act naturally like Jesus.

Be so in tune with the divine nature within that you act naturally as Christ would act.

We no longer have to be intentional in our acts-- they come naturally.

We pick up the characteristics of those we hang out with.

Do you really want to be like Jesus?  
Are you willing to do what it takes?  Then,
    1.  commit to grow.   (pray)
    2. open your heart.   (pray)
    3. surrender to Christ's will.  (submit)  

The closing song:  "I Surrender All"

(Editor's note:  It is encouraging to hear the Lordship of Jesus Christ and submission to His will taught freely and forcefully from the pulpit.) 
Notes on message by
Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

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