Saturday, June 11, 2016

Waiting Room

Seated back-to-back, Little Old Lady and I have appointments with ophthalmologist.  The Mrs. seated next to me, behind her LOL's companion, her son, I think.

Son:  Plan to go camping this weekend.

LOL:  Where?  We used to go to Pokagan a lot.

Son:  I'd like to go up there, but it's so far away.

LOL:  We used to do things all the time.  Don't do anything since I married Burl.


LOL:  Don't get me wrong.  He's very good to me.  He just doesn't ever want to do anything.

(I lean into the Mrs. and whisper, "Story of your life.")


Grace said...

And mine *sigh*

vanilla said...

Grace, gadzooks! It's an epidemic.

Lin said...

Well, maybe there is a club for people who want to do things who's other doesn't want to. Wouldn't that be nice?

vanilla said...

Lin, perhaps there are those couples who happily go their separate ways, but that is not for me. I do think, though, that the parties should have the freedom to do some things they want to do and the other doesn't.