Friday, June 24, 2016

Today we met with the surgeon.  Next week we meet with the hospitalist.  As nearly as I can figure, a "hospitalist" is a medical doctor who specializes in adding another layer of expense to the cost of treatment.

But I have been wrong before.


Lin said...


Wishing you both a positive outcome in spite of the billing department.

Secondary Roads said...

I suspect that your observations are in total alignment with reality.

Grace said...

I googled hospitalist and yes, it's another doctor who's going to send a bill (probably) but...a hospitalist is a doctor who will coordinate your care, instead of a bunch of random interns and residents. So maybe not such a bad thing.

vanilla said...

Lin, we are believing things will go well!

Chuck, sometimes my cynical little mind homes in on a reality.

Grace, I do understand the role of a hospitalist, given the way medical care is provided these days. I tried this joke on three or four people before posting this. My little sister, Ilene, was the only one who "got it." She said she's often suspected her brand of humor and mine were very similar.

btw, My spell check contains no "hospitalist" and wanted me to change to a different word.