Sunday, March 6, 2016


Bob is back.  Attended church this morning for the first time since January 17.  Different in the physical sense in that two services on Sunday morning has reduced the present attendance in both meetings.  Seating has been moderately altered in order to make wider spaces between rows-- and wider spaces between occupied seats giving a "welcoming appearance" offering plenty of room for any and all.  And that is the mission, to refill the empty seats.

Two services also means that I missed seeing some of the people I am accustomed to seeing on Sunday morning, but then we are assembled to worship, are we not?  New decor in the foyer is pleasant and the "welcome back" by the attendees was gratifying.

So was I up to taking notes on the sermon?  Of course.  It is a habit of long standing, for it helps me be more attentive to Pastor's words and is a deterrent to falling sideways in my chair and awakening myself with a snork!  And embarrassing myself.

Am I up to transcribing the notes onto the blog?  Questionable and doubtful; but here are a few one-liners I heard this morning.

Sanctification: God's desire for us.

 Scripture:  Mark 1:4-8  "I baptized you in water; But he shall baptize you in the Holy Spirit." v. 8

If you "married up," your spouse "settled."

*The expectation God has for us:  holiness.  God expects us to be a holy people.*
Sanctification is a cleansing, a changing of our desires.  It is God taking our will and making it His.

It is fixing the alignment of the heart on Jesus.

It pours into our spirit the spirit of love; love begins to flow through the soul.

With God's power you are capable of more than you have imagined.  Do Not Settle for Less!

God makes us holy.  There is nothing we can do; it must be God's work in us over time.
We can put ourselves in a place where God is more prone to pour out the Holy Spirit on us.
a) Be with Him.  A relationship with God requires our time. Commune regularly with God; study His word.
b) Gather with God's people.  A gathering in His name is God's throne room.  He will always show up.  We cannot be holy without the community of the brotherhood.  God uses the Body of Christ to make us holy.
Do not settle for a cottage when a palace is available.
Stop settling.  Let God.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning


Vee said...

So glad you were able to make it to church. They must have thought you were a visitor after such a long recovery.

You did well with recalling the sermon. I can't remember that many specific statements from my morning experience.

It really doesn't matter about the space in which we gather because we are the church - where ever we are are in the world.

Lin said...

I bet it felt good to return. And I'm sure you were blessed with many "welcome backs" today as well.

I'm glad you returned for your notes. I like these and wait for them each week.

Secondary Roads said...

It is always good to be back with your friends.

vanilla said...

Vee, recall? It's the note-taking.

Lin, you are a faithful reader and one of the reasons I do this on Sundays.

Chuck, yes, and some of them actually seemed glad to have me back with them.