Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Now I am Entertained

In the event you noted my previous post and thought it silly, consider this.  I now know that that was a truly serious-minded and philosophical rumination in comparison to, oh, say the presidential campaign.

I discovered today that the big news on the campaign trail is-- are you ready?-- footwear.

Seems the campaign has truly descended to ground level.  People are apparently greatly entertained, and I include myself as "people," by Rubio's choice of shoes.  Or someone's display of gold and black wingtips.  Social media have been lit afire with discussions of these matters.  And the mainstream have jumped aboard as well.  Why is this important?

It is important because to date it is the most substantive matter seriously discussed by candidates and electorate alike.  Sartorial and tonsorial displays are definitely more important than any of the frippery we might focus on instead.

"Democracy contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction."


Secondary Roads said...

My prayer for us is, "Mercy."

vanilla said...

Chuck, it is only by God's mercy that we will get through this mess; we are beyond helping ourselves, apparently.