Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Have you any idea how much time you are actually wasting looking at facebook?  Me neither.

So I scrolled down the homepage just for fun, counting the posts and noting the number of them that were actually personal in nature, you know, something someone wrote or family pictures and the like.

I stopped counting at sixty-eight (even I have only so much time to burn).  At sixty-eight, exactly seven of them were of the type I described in the previous paragraph.  The rest of them were memes or links to "The ten worst fails,"  or the "Twenty best---" (whatevers, you name them)

Barely ten percent of the items were anything I would remotely like to see.  And imagine how much more time is frittered away if one actually follows any of the links.

Like all technologies, it is not the thing in itself but the uses to which it is put.


Secondary Roads said...

Agree. One hundred percent agree. Why do we keep wasting time on FB? Perhaps we're like the prospector panning for gold in hope of finding a nugget. Or maybe a miner who process a ton of material for a pound of precious mineral.

vanilla said...

Chuck, and even if it is only an ounce per ton we keep digging.

Lin said...

It's a love/hate thing. Just when I grow tired of selfies and political beliefs, someone puts something on there that makes me laugh. There is a lot of funny stuff on FB. me it's funny.

Anywho...I try to stay off...but I can't help myself.

vanilla said...

Lin, indeed. Like most bad habits it continues to lurk and haunt the mind until one gives in. Yes, there are some funny things from time to time.