Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Still, it is a serious problem

The local news at six, and by local I mean the nearest metropolitan locale, ran a report on crime statistics in the city, year-to-date.  The number of deaths due to gunshot wounds, the number of wounded gunshot survivors, and so on.  Pretty straight-forward, not too hard to count.  Horrendous stuff, too.   But then there was this.

"17 per cent of local residents ages 12 to 17 carry guns."

Another easy to garner statistic.  Simply have all those in that age category line up and fill out a form stating whether or not they carry a gun.


That, and I am quite comfortable in making this statement, is MADE UP to support or promote some particular agendum, just as a whole host of such statistics are made up for just that purpose.

Believe it.  I do. 

Which is not to say there are not too darned many teens who are armed.

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