Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Vision for the Lost

The lesson is drawn from Haggai 1:5-15 and Haggai 2:19 in which the people find themselves self-involved to the neglect of God's house.  Their frenetic activity results in loss of profit to themselves.  Yet when they refocus on the house of God, blessings ensue.

Sermon notes 

The people got so busy with their own house, their own concerns, that they forgot their primary focus to be on the house of God.  Little fruit accrued to them.

Whose house are you really concerned about?

The church is not our church, our mission.  It is God's.  Our focus must be on God's work if we are to "bear fruit."  When we think of it as "our community" everything begins to revolve around us.  We exist not just to build up our own house, but to build God's house, His kingdom.

Our focus must shift from self to others.  We must trade our inward focus for an outward focus.

Do we "spend" or "invest"?

1. Time.   Are we spending our time with those closest to us, or are we investing our time in those who need us most?
2. Money.  Are we spending our resources on things that are pleasing to us, or are we investing our resources in reaching the lost for Christ?
 People need Jesus.
We must get a fresh vision for the lost.

How long since you helped lead someone to Jesus?  When did you last share your testimony?

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

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