Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Date Night

Herk said he and Tildy went out last weekend.  Local entertainment, talent show sort of thing.  Told me a guy said, "George Washington used a rooster to search out spies.  Had a man walk the bird down the street, it would lead him to the very house where the spy was.  The original chicken cacciatore."

"Pretty much representative of the quality of the entertainment," Herk concluded.


Lin said...

awwww....that's bad. :P

vanilla said...

Lin, nothing punnier.

Secondary Roads said...

I've heard that punch line before
Not always in the same context.

Whatever problem Adam had
In bygone days of youre
No one could say
When he cracked a joke
"I've heard that one before."

Grace said...

You realize that it took me a few seconds to get that - Italians do not think chicken cacciatore is a joke...Personally I'm not fond of it - chicken will always thin out your 'gravy'. I like my chicken crisp and crunchy. But then again I am Southern Italian...

vanilla said...

Chuck, "The Serpent informed her that "chestnut" was a figurative term meaning an aged and moldy joke. I turned pale at that, for I have made many jokes to pass the weary time, and some of them could have been of that sort, though I had honestly supposed that they were new when I made them."
==Adam, according to Mark Twain in Adam's Diary.

vanilla said...

Grace, there is a school of thought that teaches the pun is the lowest form of wit.
Good gravy, now there will be "body" to that, but I won't expect to find it to be chicken when I get to partake of yours.

Grace said...

"A pun is the lowest form of humour unless you thought of it first" - various version of this attributed to various people.

Would love to serve you some homemade manicotti with meat from the gravy.

vanilla said...

Grace, that would be great.