Thursday, June 4, 2015

I love

my local newspaper.

12 percent of
eligible voters
did so in
Indiana primaries

Hunh?  Did what? Reading the article showed me that what was meant was:
12 percent of
eligible voters
voted in
Indiana primaries

Why didn't the writer say what was meant?  Clear, conveys the message and it is shorter. (by one space).

And do I get my jollies by being critical of the paper I love?  Why, yes, I believe I do.

On a serious note, that statistic is nothing we can be proud of.


Jim Grey said...

I understand why an editor would wrinkle his/her nose over "voters voted" -- they teach you not to repeat words in editor school -- but "voters turned out" would have been better what they wrote.

vanilla said...

Jim, thanks for giving me the benefit of your expertise. Seriously, no sarcasm.