Friday, June 19, 2015

Herk's Fairy Garden

Last evening I was sitting on my lanai enjoying the evening breeze.  Herk Bitterman saw me, walked over to his fence, leaned on a post and "Howdy, Bob.  Nice evening."

"Sure is.  How's it going, Herk?"

"Oh, good.  Good.  Couldn't be better, actually."

"Great to hear.  Say, Herk, what's with the big pot on the other side of your yard?  Next the fence there.

"Hey, Bob, I''m glad you asked.  I had this idea to build a fairy garden.  See can I attract the little fellers to the neighborhood.  Kidding.  But I think a little garden, a little grass, a few tiny flowers, maybe some little trolls is a neat idea.  So I'm building one.  Got the plantings and benches and stairs in, just need to find some figurines the right size."

"Tildy like it?"

"Doesn't much matter.  This is my baby."

"Now, Herk.  C'mon."

"No, really.  She wants me to be painting the dining room.  Gotta move all that heavy furniture.  And I'll do it, but she can stew for a day or two.  Nice talkin' with ya.  Night now."

That couple?  Definitely greater than the sum of the parts.

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