Sunday, May 10, 2015

Zero to Hero: Cathedrals of the Faith

The 12th century was a time of religious unrest.  Yet it was a time in which many Gothic cathedrals were built.  They stand yet today as monuments to faith and to the builders.  But we do not know who built them.  Oh, the Catholic Church, yes; but the individual architects and engineers are unknown to us.

Exodus 1, 2.  The story of Moses birth, hiding away, the placement in the reed basket, the adoption by Pharaoh's daughter, and Moses' own mother becoming his nursemaid.

Moses was a giant of the Old Testament, a great leader called and anointed of God.  Without him our faith would look very different.

Moses is a type of a cathedral, a hero, but his mother was a hero first.  She is not named in this story though we later learn that her name is Jochebed.  She is the "invisible builder."  The mother's name means "to the glory of Jehovah."

Jochebed was amazing!

  1. She saw something special in Moses.
  2. She taught him the values of nurturing and caring for people.
  3. What she did saved a nation.
Part of a mother's task is to help a child find God's purpose for its life.

What you do matters.  Every life you impact matters.

In delivering Moses, Jochebed delivered a people.

Mothers' efforts often receive little recognition.
  God sees what you are doing, Mother.  Your life is making a huge difference.   We celebrate you, and I want you to know that God celebrates you.  You are the completing factor.

The invisible builder deserves some credit.  The unmentioned hero is a "Cathedral of Faith."

Who built that?

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

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