Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Drive-time pastime

She was driving, I trying to relieve the tedium of the journey.

"I woke up at three-thirty with a fierce hot flash, threw off the covers and soon I was shivering."

"Know what you mean; been there.  I guess you are getting in touch with your feminine side."

"There's no doubt that the estrogen is beginning to overpower the testosterone."

"We definitely have both female and male hormones."

"You know how that came to be?  When God made Eve he took the rib from Adam which generates estrogen, and thus she has the bulk of the female hormone.  Adam still had some 'e' floating around in his system, and Eve acquired some of the 't' in the transaction.  So yes, we have both types of hormones."

"I suppose you could be right."


Lin said...

That's pretty deep stuff. We usually just talk about traffic and goofy drivers. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, you are situated for that sort of palaver. Around here, commenting on traffic could result in miles and miles of silence.