Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Warr

She is getting something for Christmas!  But it is possible that she thinks old Bob has forgotten her.  *Tehe*

I sneaked into the city while she was engrossed in one of her mystery novels, wrapped the puppy* while she was at the grocery store, hid it away until now.

So this morning, I will say Merry Christmas to her.  Saying the same to you now.  But I am not giving you a present.

*A manner of speaking only.  It is not really a puppy.


Grace said...

Your thoughts and observations that you share with us are present enough.

vanilla said...

Grace, your reading of my blogs is a gift from you to me. Thank you.

Secondary Roads said...

You give more than you realize and we, your readers, appreciate you more than we can express.

vanilla said...

Chuck, thank you; such kind words. You are a blessing to us.