Sunday, December 28, 2014

Making Christmas Last

Wouldn't it be great if Christmas lasted all year long?

Letdown.  It's over; a lot of work for just one day.  Christmas is excitement leading to exhaustion.

  • It is possible for Christians to have a Christmas spirit that lasts all year long.  
Isaiah 9:6-7

For Christmas all year long

  1. Think about Jesus all year.  
  2. Have daily gift exchanges.
God's kingdom will not fade; no disappointment.  Christ's government will last forever.
We long for peace.  In Christ resides all authority and power forever.

Consider 1) the kingdom that is, and 2) the kingdom that is to come.
The first should be alive and well in our hearts and souls. "In my heart there rings a melody!"  The kingdom is in us.  Live selflessly.  In the second, we shall reign with Christ!

To make Christmas last.  (Matthew 2, the account of the wise men bearing gifts, worshipping the Christ child.)
A)  Christ is the center of our worship not just at Christmas, but all the time.  The worship of the magi was not about the season, but about the Person of Christ.

Christ needs to be center-stage in all the decisions of our lives.  Our entire lives are to revolve around who He is!

B) Gift exchanges every day.  By using our gifts, talents, we give them back to God.
  • It is easy to talk about, a battle to live.
Despite challenges, our focus remains on Christ.


Start putting God first every day.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday Morning


Lin said...

Our Christmas message was that the journey is the gift from God. That we must live our lives and enjoy and be thankful for the journey,as that is his gift to us. Like your message today, it is a gift that continues well past the holiday.

I like that thought. I will work to keep it in my heart.

vanilla said...

Lin, God grants us strength for the journey and days in which to travel the road. What wonderful gifts! I need to work on using what I have in the "daily gift exchange" this year.