Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ford Ain't What She Used to Be

Mrs. W and I bought a car.  It takes two days to buy a car.  Yes, it does.  It may take much longer than that to learn to use it, even though those days included a session with a computer techie, in-car instruction, which of course I didn't remember by the time the tires were rolling along the pavement.

So, they sent us home with Owner's and User's manuals totaling 556 pages, plus a twelve-page "quick guide."  And.  And a web address where further information and instruction may be obtained. Seriously?  Yes, it is true.

I haven't read a 556 page book since Michener died.

All I really wanted was a reliable carriage with four wheels and luggage space sufficient to haul a few groceries for the spouse to drive to and from the market.

We didn't buy a car, we bought a computer with speakers, and lights, and bells and whistles.  And I am notoriously inept with that technology.

But I suspect the Missus will soon enough be rolling merrily along, chatting with her new vehicle!  Of course it talks.


Grace said...

Does it? Talk? Cool. I have no doubt we could have our car talk - it's got bells and whistles but since the driver of the car is not the least bit tech savy...well the poor car will never get to be all it could be...(it is still in econ drive mode after almost 2 years!)

vanilla said...

Grace, indeed the first priority for the little techie was to establish communication between the car and JoAnn's phone. She can now talk to whomever, to the car, or whatever, hands-free. I guess. It is all beyond me.

I still drive using the basics I was taught by my male parent six+ decades ago. Sirius? Are you kidding? I seldom turn any radio on in the car.

Lin said...

I feel your pain! Joe and I went to look at the Nissan Rogue and nearly fell over for the control panel on that thing. I think I will need a co-pilot.

what did you get?

Secondary Roads said...

I can relate. Earlier this year, I bought a car for Sylvia. We had to visit the Website for instruction.

vanilla said...

Lin, it is just automotive craziness out there! We got a 2012 Ford Escape Limited. Our theory: Buying used gives someone else the opportunity to work out the 'bugs' and to take the 'hit' in the purse.
Not that that makes them inexpensive.

Chuck, indeed. Gratitude for the web!