Monday, March 31, 2014

Next: Technology Replaces People

A few days ago over on String Too Short to Tie I was on a rant about the video review of referee calls in NCAA basketball.

Now it is major league baseball.  And today, opening day 2014, the first on-the-field ruling has been overturned on video review.  Said review being made in a suite in New York City, hundreds of miles from the scene of the action.

It is wrong for the same reasons I cited in the basketball screed.  But, oh, well.  It is baseball.  So what if there is a two-minute, or seven-minute, or forty-minute delay, for that matter.  Baseball is brief seconds of intense excitement separated from the next such burst by aeons of inaction, anyway.

Reckon the "reviewers" check the line with Las Vegas before conveying the ruling back to the field? Nah, never happen.


Vee said...

Maybe the calls should be made in NYC and the umps should find other jobs. Then how might the chant, "Kill the umpire!" change?

vanilla said...

Vee, robotics may take over all our jobs?