Friday, March 28, 2014

Hard Sell. No, Thanks.

Value City Furniture has restyled itself VCF.  I see no problem with this.  They are reshaping their business model, aiming at a new demographic, very possibly.  Like the shark, keep moving or suffocate.  What I do have a problem with is the loudmouth huckster they have put on the toob to promote them.  I snap the set OFF when he comes on.  No kidding.  It makes me want to throw the saltcellar through the screen.  But I settle for turning the set off.  

People hire folks to burnish their image, then shoot themselves in the foot. 
 I not only don’t wish VCF well, I wish them  ill.  And I hate myself when I get that way.


Grace said...

Around here the tv spokesperson for that company is a stylish lady...and the commercial is pleasant and well done. "We Buy Any Car" on the other hand gets the mute button - we don't channel flip because it is usually the last commercial before the news comes back on...

vanilla said...

Grace, in all fairness, I should have noted that VCF does run another commercial with a very nice (seemingly) lady doing the voice. Poses as a buyer, I think, though my mind is usually occupied elsewhere during commercials.