Thursday, February 13, 2014


February 13-- At 2:24 P.M. today, the heat pump kicked on!  The heat pump does not operate unless the ambient air temperature is 32o or above.  This is the first time it has run since February 1.

Fortunately the gas company has supplied us with the wherewithal to keep warm.

Icicles form on the eaves as the snow on the roof melts.

High tomorrow: 22o.


Lin said...

Just as the temps rose...the snow started to fall again. Ugh. We can't win.

We've got a few killer icicles here too!

vanilla said...

Eventually, Lin,eventually.

Grace said...

What is a heat pump and why would it only go on when it gets warmer?

vanilla said...

Grace, our heat pump is an air conditioner, but with a reversibility feature such that it can not only pump warm air out of the house to the outdoors, it can also pump warm air from outdoors into the house for heating. Thus for most efficient operation, the outdoor air needs to be at or above a certain level. The machinery is powered by electricity, but is highly efficient and heating costs are greatly reduced. When too cold outdoors, the gas furnace heats the house. (Non-technical explanation!)