Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Ramblings

Well, I suppose after all the fussing and back-biting there will one day be a vote, and the President will get his ten dollar and ten cent "minimum wage."

Then the people at the entry level, or at the bottom of the totem pole will get a boost of something over 33 percent in their wages.  Don't require me to do the math, that is close enough for this diatribe.

Then the people at the next level up will need to get a one-third increase in their wages, I mean we can't work for what the newbies get, we've been here and worked our way up.

Then the people at the next level.  Well, you see where this is going.

Then the manufacturers and merchants will have to raise their prices for reasons too obvious for us to go into.

I am no economist, but I think this is termed "inflation."  Everybody is no better off.

Oh, the government's coffers will swell.

Isn't that swell?

Then where do I get my 33% increase in income?  Oh, my social security check may increase one or two percent.  It usually does.  This year it went up almost enough to cover the increase in the Medicare premium.


Lin said...

At my job--I'm gonna tell you that we are just gonna do with a lot less employees at that cost. If you can't make it on $8/hr, you certainly are not gonna make it on $10/hr either. This is not a solution.

vanilla said...

Lin, you say truth. Isn't it interesting how many people seem to think another buck will solve all their problems, that someone else owes them that buck.