Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Alone

I placed Mrs. Warr's overnight bag in the car, turned and kissed her goodbye.  She was on her way to spend a couple of days with her daughter a couple hours away.

Two hours later, phone rings.  "Hi, Honey.  Just wanted to tell you I got here okay!"

Kissing is pleasant, but that is love.

(No smart-aleck comments today.)


Lin said...

It IS love. :) It's good to have, isn't it?

Grace said...

Actually that's common courtesy. And oddly enough I had to teach my husband that - especially when he was traveling a lot for work. One of the biggest fights we ever had was when he went to see his family and didn't call me for 2 days. I suppose if his plane had crashed someone would have contacted me but...Courtesy, more than love, is the glue of relationships.

vanilla said...

Lin, exactly the way I see it.

Grace, okay a different perspective. True, it is a simple courtesy; yet I still like to think it is an expression of love.
btw, I made the call to her moments before I opened the computer to let her know that I was safely home from my outing. She's still away. *sniff*