Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flesh or Faith

Continuing our reading in the letter of Paul to the Philippian Church, 3:1-11

Old Testament righteousness is based on the individual's ability to keep the Law.

Heard of "The Ten Commandments"?  The first four keep the people in right standing with God; the next six are directed to keeping one in right standing with people.  But the religious leaders expanded on the commandments, building rule upon rule that had to be followed in order not to break the commandments.  This ultimately resulted in 613 commandments.  Who can live without breaking one or some of those?  Paul, apparently, for he tells us that "all these he kept from his youth up."  His point?  He was more religious than all who might read this.

Jesus boiled the entire law down to two commandments, namely, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul; and Love your neighbor as yourself.

No matter how good one is at keeping rules it does not make him holy.

Confidence in the flesh will always be one of man's greatest temptations.

Pastor asserted that he was more religious than most of us.  He illustrated this by his testimony to his upbringing, the thousands of hours he had spent in church as a child, even the fact that as a home-schooled lad his primary textbook was the Bible.  But ultimately

Religion is empty calories that will leave you empty.

Confidence in the flesh will always end in condemnation
Faith in Christ will always result in GRACE.

Pastor continued, "I know Christ is enough!"

God is interested in the HEART, not in our ability to keep a set of rules.


Religion is about the Law,
Faith is about the Heart.

Religion fosters Fear
Faith fosters HOPE.
Perfect Love casts out all fear.
Religion builds barriers
Faith breaks down Walls.

Religion eats away at community
Faith edifies the Body!

Religion creates legalistic lists
Faith brings about true righteousness!

Religion always leaves you empty
Faith will make you FULL!

Faith in Jesus Christ is all that is required.

He is risen from the dead
who died to bring you life!

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning  


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