Saturday, October 8, 2016

39 and Holding

More dollars than sense.

Outdoor temperature 55o F.

Don't know price of a new car, but have seen four-year-olds advertised in the 85k - 90k range.


Lin said...

I cannot imagine paying that much for a car. Ever. I am not one to have the "latest" anything..including fancy cars. Seems so silly to spend that much money on something.

Grace said...

I don't know what's so special about a BMW convertible but convertibles in general are the cat's pajamas. If money was no object then I would buy whatever rang my bells. That's what money is for! Isn't that what we all would do?

vanilla said...

Lin, I am with you, but Grace's perspective-- "That's what money is for!" is worthy of consideration.

Grace, clearly my envy is showing through in this bit of photo snarkery. But my choice would have a roof over my head.