Sunday, September 13, 2015

Breakout: Believe We Can

Last week many shared the areas in their lives where they need a breakthrough.  These were generally in the areas of 1) relationships 2) finances 3) career 4) addiction 5) hidden sin 6) thought life 7) depression, and 8) anger.  

None of these areas was represented only once.

I am not alone.  There are people who understand my heavy burden, for they carry it as well.

I know I need a breakthrough, but is it possible?

In Exodus chapter three we read the account of Moses hearing the voice from the burning bush and his encounter with God.  God told Moses, I am setting you apart.

Our skepticism of the future may be an outgrowth of disappointment in the past.
     Have we run into a wall?  The past tells us we are failures in this area in which we need a breakthrough.  What to do?  We could give up, "that's just the way it is going to be."

This is a trust issue, a faith issue.  For a breakthrough we must remove self from the equation and rely on God.
      God gave Moses a sign.  But in a desert area it is easy to ignore a sign.  How many times have you walked by a sign?

God began to speak when Moses stopped to check it out.
     We are so busy in our lives that we don't hear what God has to say.  We are so busy that we don't know when God is showing up.  If you look you will see where God is pointing you in the right direction.

God is trying to give you a sign but you have to let Him.

If you are looking for a sign, God will always show up.

In our lesson we see that God gives Moses instructions, then he gives him a promise.
The breakthrough comes when you identify the promise.

Once Moses had the promise, he had courage.
When was the last time you felt God give you a promise?

The promises of people often fail, but when God gives a word, you have something to stand on!

"I can't give you three steps to getting a breakthrough, but I can show you where to find a promise."

When God gives a promise, it pits God against your problem.

Breakthrough always starts with a promise  PRAY THE PROMISES.
      If you want a promise go to the Word in prayer.  Get a promise.  It will change everything.

II Peter 3:9-- God is never late in fulfilling His promise.  When God gives you a word, you will know.

The word comes with power and authority.

1) Look for breakthrough,  then 2) look for the sign.  Where is God showing up?


Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

My promise from God to address my issue:  My grace is sufficient. --Bob

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