Monday, June 30, 2014


Redding up in the kitchen after lunch, listening to the last clip of the noon news.  Reader says, words to this effect, A recent survey of people, largely "Millennials,"  asked the participants to rate the importance of their smart phones in their lives.

Many said the smart phone was more important to them than was their toothbrush.
Deodorant came in a distant also-ran to some folks' smart phones.
Most said they could not survive twenty-four hours without their phone.
Several said they would give up chocolate and alcohol in exchange for the return of their phone if it were held for ransom.

My thoughts?  Jesus referred to the religious leaders of his day as "a generation of vipers."  Much less innocuous, perhaps, but I think I am living amongst a generation of idiots.

Look.  Technology has its valid uses, but no one should become a slave to it.


Secondary Roads said...

Sylvia and I have cell phones, which are rarely used. We have a voice-only plan. I don't want to step onto a slippery slope like that.

vanilla said...

Chuck, same here at our place.