Wednesday, November 20, 2013


She (in the kitchen prepping supper):  Do you want me to lyonaisse these potatoes?

What I heard:  Do you want me to lionize these potatoes?

What I thought:  What the ??

I:  You need to speak some language I understand if you want a response.  What the heck does a lion have to do with cooking?

She:  el-wye-oh-en-en-a-eye-ess-ee.  Fry them with onions.

I:  Fix them however you like them.

What I did: To the online dictionary.  Yes.  "lyonnaise" to fry potatoes with bits of onions.
Who knew?  Well, BBBH knew!


Lin said...

You aren't alone. I had NO idea what that was. Isn't it easier to just say "cool 'em with onions?" :)

vanilla said...

Lin, it would have been easier for me to understand, for sure. This day is not wasted, though; for now both you and I learned something!

Secondary Roads said...

I never get asked that question. Sylvia [almost] always cooks potatoes with onions. We both like it that way.