Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fast Fooding It

I seldom go to Mickey Dee's and even less often do I purchase a food item there.  I almost never go through a "drive-thru" at any establishment.

But I want to do something nice for the spouse, and I'm in a hurry.  I'm thinking egg biscuit at Burger King (she loves eggs), but McD is 40 yards closer, so I swing into the drive through.  Order egg mcmuffin.  Pull around to window, wait for two cars in front of me.  My turn.  Finally.

I have a five in my hand.  Man at window starts to hand me sack and drink.  Are you sure that's mine?  I didn't order drink.  He hands me drinking straw, opens sack, announces content.  Okay, then. Hands me sack, but says, You aren't going to give me that five, are you?  Unless the food is free, yes.

Didn't you pay back there?  (Back where? I am thinking.)  No.
I can't take money here.  I'll have to get the manager.
(Handing sack back to McEmployee)  Forget it.

I burn the forty yards to the BK, park, go inside.  Order egg biscuit, which I have in less time than it takes to tell.

Thanks, McD.

By the way, did you know that that 69 cent sandwich is now three bucks at either of those establishments?  Sheesh.


Grace said...

I would like to commiserate but I haven't been in either of those establishments in perhaps 15 years (or more)...I did use to like a Whopper every once and again tho...

Lin said...

I nearly miss the "pay" windows all the time. Since when do we need all these windows? Oh yeah--it buys them time to mess up your order. ;)

vanilla said...

Grace, I don't go there much more often than you do. Pay window? Who knew?

Lin, pretty clear that I don't go there often. I was unaware of the "innovation."
(I suspect they would deny your allegation-- probably say it is more sanitary, or something.)

Secondary Roads said...

In addition to all that McMess, every time I've visited McD's it leaves me with a wicked case of indigestion. McYuck!