Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back. For How Long?

I have not been able to post here since early April.  Yet as mysteriously as the "works" disappeared they have now reappeared.

There may be some elves at Blogger who enjoy messing with our heads.  You may recall that vanilla had a similar experience earlier this year.

So I am back, but there are no promises that posting will occur with any regularity.  One has to have a thought in his head before he can write, you know.


Grace said...

Well there you go then...there had to be a reason why but who knows...I haven't had a thought in my head for weeks now ::sigh::

vanilla said...

Grace, thought processes are weird in and of themselves. In my younger day when I hadn't time to think, extraneous things popped unbidden into my head. Now, when I would like to have a thought just so I'd have something to do, nothing.