Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nature Walk

String Too Short to Tie

 Stepped out the door and spotted this cheerful little insect resting on a chair.  An idea of size can be noted by comparing it to the grommets and lacing.

Walked to the pond.  As I stood beneath a tree looking at the pond, I heard a rustling in the leaves above me.   I might have ignored the rustling, for it might have been a squirrel, or even a breeze wafting through the trees.
But apparently I had been spotted, and the creature fluttered its wings as it attempted to move to a spot I would not see.  I looked up.  The bird was well-hidden.  Well, except that I did spot it.  I aimed the camera and *snap* and quiet as the shutter was, it startled the bird into flight.  And not only this bird, but its companion as well which I had not seen!


Shelly said...

What wonders there are to see when we are quietly looking for them!

Anonymous said...

I did make the mistake of clicking on the second bug picture - Oh, good close-up (Eww I hate bugs) - and what kind of bird is that? I know nothing about wild life - well I did when I was younger - Oh wait, different kind of wild life...In the immortal words of Emily Litella..."Never mind.."

vanilla said...

Shelly, we live in an amazing world!

Grace, "different kind" indeed. Very funny, Grace. The bird is a gull, but since there are a million varieties of them, and I am no birder, I would not hazard a guess.

Lin said...

Oh, that little moth is very tiny indeed!

Do you know the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Fuzzy antennae. Moths have fuzzy antennae.

vanilla said...

Lin, thank you! I now have at least some general idea of the sort of insect it is. (I believe I remember that you wrote about the fuzzy antennae on Duck and Wheel.)