Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yes, Tw.....s

After hearing "Twinkies" all day yesterday, I open this morning's paper to find Twinkies in a front page headline.  Above the fold, yet.  First thing that came to mind was an old country song, but with new words:

I got over Twinkies so long ago
I'm amazed they're still around today.

Oops, looks like maybe they're not.  All this foofaraw about on over-sweet sponge cake filled with some white frothy chemical conglomeration?  Good night!


Lin said...

I think the Twinkie fuss is more about business today and how messed up it is. It's the loss of long-time businesses to union demands and the economy, and the grieving that ensues as we watch our favorite things and businesses disappear.

So much has changed and will continue to change and business as we know it is changing. It's not good, I don't think. The company I work for is making some very harsh changes for the new year and I don't think we are alone. It's a very scary world now and the stability of Wonder Bread and Twinkies is just a small indication that the past is just that...the past. And there ain't no turning back.

It's scary and very sad indeed.

vanilla said...

Lin, your analysis is correct, sadly. My comment about the "foofaraw" applies to the reporting, the nostalgia, the personal grievance toward anyone who dares to mess with the Twinkie. The tragedy is the loss of nearly twenty thousand jobs in these times when jobs are scarce as hen's teeth. Where's the clamor about that? I lived through the Wonder Bread years from the days in which it "built strong bodies" in only eight ways, and as you say, there ain't no turning back.