Saturday, May 5, 2012

Handicapping the Horses

The first Saturday in May.  The horses go to the post at Churchill Downs this afternoon.  For those of you who care, it looks as though Baffert may have another winner on his hands.  So I am told.  I rather favor a horse named "Hansen" and not because I know a thing about the horse, the trainer, the rider, or horse-racing in general, for that matter.

I choose Hansen because I once knew a girl whose surname was Hansen, with an "e" and the last time (the only time) I bet on a horse it's name was "Wendy," also the name of a one-time acquaintance.  Won, too.

Also, I am partial to greys.  Hmm.  Perhaps I should...


Lin said...

We're calling our Kentucky contacts as I type. Gotta know the weather and track conditions and whether or not to pick a mudder.

Joe's got his "Talk Derby to Me" t-shirt on. We're ready!

vanilla said...

Well, my horse looked good through 7/8 of the race, faded badly.