Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Evening News

The ten o'clock news reader said,
"The robber crashed open the display case at the XYZ Jewelry store in the ABC mall just before nine o'clock this morning. Security cameras both in the store and on the parking lot captured clear images of the thief as he ran to his car with $25,000 worth of necklaces and bracelets, to make his getaway.

Police will be unable to pursue leads before Tuesday, as Monday is an official holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day."


Corpus Christi CBS affiliate, January 15, 2012. Edited by me to fit the space alloted.
You can't make this stuff up.
And if my arithmetic is correct, assuming the police "start work" right after coffee and donuts on Tuesday morning, the robber will have had a full forty-eight hours in which to make his escape to ??? One could get to Australia in less than half the time, if he had advance reservations.


Lin said...

Really???! Police protection has the "holiday" off?? Fire department too? How about doctors, nurses, hospitals??? Criminy, I had to work today--what gives??

vanilla said...

As the saying goes, Lin, I could not believe my ears.